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Heat Exchanger System

Heat Exchanger System is the most versatile and compact hot water generation system. It provides highly efficient solution to instantaneous hot water generation using energy efficient heat exchangers (Funke Brazed or Gasketed plate heat exchanger or Ecoflux* corrugated tube heat exchanger.)

HRS Hot Water Systems can also be installed with storage (buffer) vessel for semi-instantaneous applications and in conjunction with solar based hot water systems.

A Hot water system not only heats the water to a desired temperature using low pressure steam but also maintains the required temperature of water with better temperature control using automation and control.

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Hot Water Generation System

Hot Water Generator Systems are pre-engineered and pre-assembled complete with all piping to meet your specific application. We thoroughly test them to ensure proper performance from the moment they’re installed. Hot Water Generator Systems are available in horizontal or vertical configurations in a wide array of gallon capacities. Standard packages are available

in tank sizes from 200-1000 gallons with single wall copper tube bundle heating units. Custom configurations, smaller and larger tank and tube bundles, and optional control packages are also available. Consult the factory for specifications.

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